(my work!) Muses :: Shervonne

Posted on 27.10.2009


Shervonne was actually shot last year, there was just a lot of retouching that went into her images and frankly, I was somewhat intimidated by it/them. There were so many levels of UP that could happen to the color in these, and I couldn’t decide between them. So I kept all of the originals and made new edits, and the full range of my indecision can be seen when you get to the set’s home on Flickr.
This group of images represents Muses 2.0 for me. After the last set and show, I decided that I needed to do MORE with the models and my compositions. So Shervonne’s set was a step in that direction. I still intend to shoot more, I just have to plan a little harder now that I live overseas and my models are all in the US.
I love this set. Catching the sun setting over the water was the idea, but I never imagined it would work so well or be so beautiful.
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