(angrily shaking fist at my horoscope for the day)

Posted on 27.10.2009


I’m tired today.

As Kristi says, ‘I don’t wanna!’.
I was going through my XHD, the backed up stuff on the XHD and my laptop. Today is the day that I consolidate my music libraries and finally leave well enough alone.
But I’m tired! My eyes are still blurry. And there is SO MUCH to be done.
For a brief second, the idea crossed my mind that I should just say fuckitall and walk away. And go make some lunch. And then my horoscope pops into my hotmail inbox:

Deal with that home repair problem quickly — before it gets out of control! Today is good for handling those kind of issues, but only if you throw yourself into them with all your soul.
But first, more tea.
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