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Posted on 24.10.2009


And Germany convinced me already into a pair of skinny jeans and boots that somehow fit OVER the Jeans.

For those of you that DON’T know me very well, I have got some ginormous calf muscles. We’ll call them ‘athletic’. That’s a good word. Cause I am. So, you’ll never see me looking all cute and waif-y in a pair of boots that has space between my legs and the shoe. NEVER. Imagine my huge amount of surprise when I went to a department store today with Katherine (downstairs neighbor and new friend) and tried on MANY pairs of knee-high boots that zipped without being forced and some skinny jeans (well, many) that actually somehow manage to look flattering on my non-skinny ass.

I may just be totally deluded, but if I am, then everyone is in on the joke. Even Rene thinks they look good on me. We both agree that they look best with my long sweaters. Nice.

I’m not sure how Stacey and Clinton would feel about this, but 9 out of 10 fashionable young people on the streets of Wurzburg are rocking it, and I believe I may be cuter than at least half of them. I guess we’ll see. Nevertheless, today Rene sent me shopping and I spent under 100 euros on a cute half of an outfit.

I learned today that apparently American eating etiquette includes cutting all of your meat before eating, so you only eat with your right hand, so you have quick-draw access to your gun. I am not even joking. I heard this from Rene from a history report he saw a while ago.

I’m currently interested in this European singer Milow that has apparently released a few albums stateside but is MUCH bigger in Europe. He did a sweet cover of 50 cent’s technology that is cool enough that I might request it if I ever get to see the Arrangement live again. Also Mando Diao, who is a little bigger in the US than Milow. Loving that new track Dance with Somebody.

I get an iPhone on Monday c/o Rene. He’s being really amazing and I am so not used to being treated well… it’s not even funny, and I appreciate it and him so much. I appreciate that he sits across from me while I fuck around online and plays on his computer, that he sends me shopping, that he loves climbing, that he loves me, everything. Just… awesome.

I burnt my external HD but now it’s been fixed by Herr Doktor Awesome. Hooray! I almost lost a life’s worth of music and art. And I am currently backing it all up to my laptop, then backing everything back up to the HD… and maybe we’ll see about getting another one after that. For the just in case.

My fridge sounds like the herd of cows from the first episode of South Park:

Seriously. I am totally not joking.

I am also totally finished a glass of wine and should not be typing anymore tonight.

Yay for talking to Bridget for a whole hour,
yay for a fixed HD,
yay for the weekend.


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