Things I have learned so far this morning

Posted on 22.10.2009


… and maybe this week as well. But first, this morning.

There are some smells that you just can’t wash out of your clothes, and one of them is the dreaded ‘basement smell’ that happens when the dryer exhaust feeds into your basement where you do your laundry and it gets all over all of your clothes because you are that asshole that line-dries everything before putting it in the dryer for a quick 10 minutes to get out the wrinkles.
Today’s victim: my black hoodie. This might be because everything ELSE of mine that got washed smelled like sweat after a week of alternating between Budo and rock climbing. I might re-wash it later on. I hope there is still a chance for it, I love that thing.
Along the same lines, it appears that dryer sheets don’t exist in Germany. Or at least, they are not popular. After a quick survey of our laundry room (complete with THREE sets of washers and dryers, one for each apartment), this hypothesis has yet to be disproved.
There are a two different bands named Viva Voce. There is the undeniably hip VV from the US (we will refer to them as VV), and then there is Viva Voce! the acapella boy band. I am not even joking, go to iTunes and check it out.
This discovery comes after a false-AMAZING-alarm that VV would be coming to Wurzburg in November to do an acapella concert. I saw this on a poster on the street last night after Budo and got really excited. Then I did the research today and found out that not only does VV have two women in the band, but also that they aren’t playing any shows off of the US west coast for the rest of the year.
But something awesome has come out of this early morning research: free music! I love me some free music. VV has a really well-done (and pretty, got to love a band that is not afraid to rock the pink) website that features their weblog, where Kevin so kindly posted a sweet summer mix-tape that you can download. And then he dares other bands to sue him.
Balls, they has dem. I like that.
You can check the blog out HERE.
And today (well, yesterday) I realized that today marks week 1 since I landed and I think that I may be (mostly) over the homesickness I was feeling around day 3. I attribute this to getting into a sort-of schedule, planning our next moves and lots of workouts between Budo and climbing. And to getting LOTS of photos edited. I have some more to get through today, but they are more like the leftovers and don’t belong to any real sets or series.
ciao and good morning 🙂
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