MY WORK: What Are You Paying For?

Posted on 21.10.2009


Inspired by Naomi Klein’s NO LOGO, originally considered in 2002 and finally brought to life over the past year… What Are You Paying For? is a social commentary on brand loyalty in consumer culture.
Marketing is a wonderful and dangerous tool that has a serious effect on the opinions of anyone too careless to think for themselves. It is far too easy to fall into a type, stereotype or category based on what marketing pushes our way. We are individuals and cannot, SHOULD NOT be categorized by what we choose to cover our bodies with.
This series seeks to show exactly how much clothing we get for our money.
Brands don’t pay us to advertise. We choose to do it for them each time we purchase and wear a piece of clothing with a visible logo. You can choose to stop the marketing, or you can choose to push it one step further every time you put on that Abercrombie or PINK sweatshirt. You can choose who to advertise for, if you choose to advertise at all.
You have a choice.
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