My personal homage to Duchamp: Tables

Posted on 21.10.2009


In my own personal homage to Duchamp, here is a set that I can only call half-mine.
Anyone that has ever visited a painting studio or art school will know where these came from. I can’t call the paint or patterns my own. I can, however, call the inspiration to photograph, digitally enhance and share them my own:)
So… half-mine.
I was shooting the What Are You Paying For? series one day in my favorite studio, and went over to another one for another shoot (3 in one day… I know how to multitask 😉 and found these. The images are close-ups of studio tables with paint all over them from what might be a DECADES-worth of students (so in that case, maybe some of the paint on there IS mine after all:)
I’m a sucker for color, so I shot the hell out of those tables. This series is what came out of that burst 😀
I’d ultimately like to blow these up really large and print them at poster-size, but I didn’t shoot at a high enough resolution. So… we’ll see. Enjoy:)
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