Well that’s reassuring…

Posted on 19.10.2009


Here is your horoscope for Monday, October 19:

It's harder than usual for you to decide what to do with your time, but that's no big deal -- friends, family and even perfect strangers have all sorts of plans for you! It's all more fun than you'd expect, too.
... and then this from my Sparkmail inbox:
Don't waste your energy on worrying

Too many of us worry about things that we cannot change. Although worrying gives you something to focus on, there are more productive ways to spend your time. Instead of worrying about the things you cannot control, remind yourself that worrying doesn't bring change. If it is a situation that you can control, then there is no reason to worry! Find a solution and spend your energy fulfilling it. If nothing else, just talk to someone about your concerns. Getting them out in the open tends to help put your mind at ease.
Considering I am home alone today and my to-do list includes editing photos, checking out the local craigslist, english-teaching and climbing gym job searches, unpacking and loading all of my music... all before 19 uhr (7pm: it's noon here already)... that is helpful to know. And tonight is my first night training with the German group. Excited/Scared!
I just unpacked everything (read: my clothes) and I think I'm happy with the layout of it all. There are a few things that I thought I brought which I can't find (like the multi memory card reader) and some things that I thought I had lost that I DID find (like the underarmour running pants! I gave them to Rene last time he was here to bring over! I am so damn efficient). So now I am on to unpacking/organizing the office and getting through some more emails.
Good morning, USA:)

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