Posted on 18.10.2009


Not the last time I moved, or the time before that, or the time before that… but the time before that, I moved my entire life away from someone that made me horrible about myself on a daily basis.

I moved back into Baltimore city and vowed never to let anyone treat me like that again (that vow was happening a lot back then and it still holds true). I got rid of everything in my life that held any connection to that person and started fresh. I had all of these ideas about the furniture I wanted and what kind of ‘message’ that furniture would send about me. I had lots of ideas and no money to buy said furniture. Or to really go grocery shopping.
I ended up at this new location with a lot of blankets, some pillows, a rice maker, a sweet kitchenware set and some chopsticks. All gifts from friends and family. My father took pity on me and made me sleep on a borrowed air mattress while the rest of my items slowly trickled in. I was literally at the mercy of my friends and a bag of rice. I lived on rice (and a variety of sauces I had brought with me) for a week before the next paycheck rolled in and I could buy food. Before then, I had never been so happy to be so broke.
Here I was, alone in a big house, surrounded by the love of my friends.
And here I am now, not alone in a new country but still surrounded by friends. I cooked a recipe from a book I bought with Julie. I wore earrings today that I bought with Aileen. My shirt came from a shopping trip with Amanda. My jeans from a shopping trip with Stephanie. I never considered making Gnocchi until Mario made it for me. Everything in my suitcase carries my friends just like I do.
So I can’t be too sad about being far away because I hold my friends so close to me. They are never really gone.
But please, for the love of whatever… send me your Skype or MSN Messenger user names.
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