a list of the REAL reasons I moved to Germany

Posted on 17.10.2009


For the people that don’t really know me, there are a bunch of awesome things about the-country-that-is-closer-to-my-motherland that would appear to be the reasons I moved here…

That list includes:
01// Finally getting Drew to cover an Esthero song for me;)
02// Balsamic flavored potato chips (gluten free!!!)
03// Three words: Placebo in concert
04// Wella hair care products still exist over here
05// cheap local wine (lots of it)
06// to see IKEA signs in German
07// to be closer to the Tim und Pierre fountain
08// Muesli with chocolate
09// to skip cancelation charges with T-Mobile and Earth Treks(you need to move out of service range to avoid the fee)
10// to get Mog radio for free
11// Nivea facial products (not available in MD)
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