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Posted on 01.10.2009



So, you can totally say ‘I told you so’, but I need a better camera in my phone.

Remember a few years ago when camera phones were the new expensive addition to everyone’s purse? Remember those commercials where someone was sitting at an outdoor cafe and a dog (or baby) came up and stole their food, and they thought that was hysterical so they took a photo (with their phone!!!!) of the hilarity that was ensuing below their table/chair as the dog (or baby) was trying to eat their pannini or something and sent it via MMS (!!!) to all of their other friends that had the swanky new phones that could receive images?

Yeah. Those were the days.
And as a photographer I was absolutely against needing a phone with a camera.

The image quality won’t be good enough for me.
The image will be too small.
I carry around my digital ALL THE TIME.

Well, those were obviously the days before I dropped my digital in a pint of Guinness, before I started taking photos of my awesome outfits/shoes/accessories for friends, before I started art-blogging from art festivals.

And sadly, as much as I love my lovely light-blue blackberry 8120, it is not cutting it. I say this after two days of awesome outfits, but I say it in general because I hate touching photos up in PS before I post them. Sigh.

From what I understand, T-Mobile Germany supports the iPhone. And while originally I was against the iPhone (because I already have an iPod and a Blackberry.. etc), the camera on it is really great (well, for being on a phone) and I am the proud owner of a sweet MacBook, so everything will sync a lot better than it currently does.


I still don’t really love the idea of a camera on a phone. But those things ARE really helpful for in-the-moment situations…

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