Box and Flea makes some gorgeous bandanas

Posted on 01.10.2009



I’m not usually one to blog about clothes and accessories (even though they are a major weakness of mine), but Box and Flea needs to be called out on just how awesome they are. Yes, the shop only has tote bags (most of which feature an image of Abe Lincoln) and bandanas, but the bandanas are seriously works of art.

Affordable art, btw. $36 per bandana is not bad. It’s actually a steal for hand-made anything.

I actually want to own one just so I can put it in a clear floater frame and hang it against a white wall. The above is Flock, which is hands down my favorite on the site, with Swallow coming in a close second. I’m not truly a bird person, especially since lately the only time I see them up close is when they are dead on my porch, but these are just great. Great. Great.

Box and Flea is based in Brooklyn, the bandanas are designed and made by hand. And they make everything in small runs. So yes, this is technically wearable art. Dig in.

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