the case of the missing mouse

Posted on 21.09.2009


this is kind of odd…

So last night Phantom (homeless porch kitty) brings us another gift. You may be aware of the fact that Phantom brought us a HUGE rat last week and in typical girl fashion, Kristi and I only picked it up by putting plastic bags around both the broom AND the dustpan… yeah. Good little killer, thank you for the present, we love you…


Last night’s present was significantly smaller and turned out to still be alive.
We both freaked out when we realized that it was moving. Trying to move. With what looked like a VERY broken hind leg.

I couldn’t bring myself to kill the mouse, and I didn’t want to clean up killed mouse the next morning because I left it there to die on the porch with Phantom, killer of things smaller than she.

Luckily Kristi is awesome and allows me to express myself through things like interpretive dance and caring for animals that are not named Lala or Cibo. So I went inside and got a large plastic piece of tupperware, some paper towels for bedding and some cloth for more bedding. Kristi kept Phantom away from the mouse until I got back, then I scooped the mouse into the tupperware and brought it inside to the kitchen. I put the tupperware container with the lid mostly over it on top of the fridge, where the cats wouldn’t see it. The cats have never gotten on top of the fridge.

I put some water and cat food in there for it, turned the light off, checked on it a few times, went to bed.

The mouse was definitely trying to be mobile but dragging it’s leg when I checked on it. And definitely too short to stand up and be able to reach the top of the container. ESP with a bum leg.

The mouse was definitely gone when I checked on it this morning.

It ate, drank some water, and then disappeared.
I checked the top of the fridge. Behind the fridge. Behind everything along that wall. In the window tracks. In my plants. the bags on the fridge. the floor around the fridge. No mouse.

If it had gotten down to the floor (unbelievable), the cats would have caught it. Lala was still playing with the same toy she had last night. There is no dead mouse on my floor anywhere.

This thing vanished. I’m hoping that this is one of those times where we were being tested by the universe and passed, so the test just disappeared. Better than the alternative thought which is: when are we going to find this thing dead in our house?

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