Lisa Rowley

Posted on 14.09.2009



My roommate and I came across Lisa’s work at Salt during Baltimore’s Restaurant Week (great meal, btw) while we were waiting for a table. Lucky us, we got the sweet one right in the middle of the dining room and were able to view almost all of the work from our seats. While I definitely prefer walking around from piece to piece in the order intended, I understand it might not be the best idea to lean in to look at the work while there is a couple having a date at the table in front of said art.

The first thing we both noticed was the texture. Lovely. There were a few that each of us preferred almost immediately, such as October 1, October 2 and Isla (pictured left). Others were a slow build to eventual love: Waterfall 1 and Jazz came out on top as my personal favorites.

Unfortunately, you can’t find every piece mentioned on the site, so other favorites are Winter, Bamboo Forest and Waterfall.

Some of the pieces on the site come dangerously close to being more like something you’d pull from a craft fair (not a problem if you like those things), but overall the work is more art than craft, even though there is a definite CRAFT to how these have been made. The textured ones are made using a technique called Encaustics, which involves beeswax and pigment, while the other images all appear to be watercolor (like Isla above).

An overall lovely body of work. I can’t wait to see more.

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