Jocelyn Mathewes ftw

Posted on 14.09.2009


I had some problems choosing what photo to screen-shot and post to the blog. If I chose a wedding/engagement shot, then people that DON’T visit her site will think she only does weddings. If I chose a portrait, people might not dig her awesome style. If I chose a photo from the children section, she gets lumped in with the likes of Anne Geddes (shhhhudder).

Partner all of this with the fact that I have only ever met Jocelyn on the interwebs and after viewing her site I am convinced that we are design-photo soul mates… I don’t want to make a bad impression.

Jocelyn came up in conversation the other day when my new office mate C and I were talking about wedding photography. C says, ‘we had a really awesome photographer named Jocelyn shoot our wedding’, to which I replied, ‘Jocelyn Mathewes? I didn’t know she did weddings’. Turns out that Jocelyn NOT ONLY writes awesome articles for the AIGA and posts to Flickr (where I follow her) but does, in fact, do weddings. And does them well.

So well, in fact, that if I DO happen to get married in the DC/MD/Baltimore area, she is who I plan to hire. I like her work THAT MUCH. I feel like we have a similar vision that she happens to execute far better than I do.

With this little story in mind, I chose an engagement photo of C and the fiancee for the image. hope no one minds! (?)

Kudos to Jocelyn for a SUPER easy to use and navigate website that is full to the brim of amazing shots. And for the great water portraits. And for the beautiful pregnancy shots. I love your color!

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