Gilah Press

Posted on 14.09.2009


is making beautiful things in beautiful Baltimore.

I swung by Gilah on a whim. I’ve heard about them and have seen some of their stuff in local stores, but had never taken the time to look into the whole letter pressing thing they’ve got going on. I know, shame on me. There’s a lot happening right now.

So I am happy to report that Gilah officially rocks. Not only are they turning out a great body of work in the invites department, they’ve got some hysterical greeting cards for when you’re doing things OTHER than planning your wedding. And a full design departments as well. Nice.

My personal favorites are the identities you may already know and love: The Wine Source, In Watermelon Sugar and a whole lot of work for Center Stage. Yes, Gilah is well known by awesome companies in Charm City.

Find them in MD at Red Tree and Wholly Terra. But: they are carried in 18 states and overseas by a number of vendors. Go Gilah:)

Kudos to the ‘If I were a typeface, I’d be:’ lines in the intro to your workers.

If I were a typeface, I think I would be Gill Sans. Or Meta.

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