BLIK Wall Graphics

Posted on 14.09.2009


“Wall Graphics for the Commitment-Phobic” is the tag line. Blik’s site features wall graphics, skins and other generally awesome stuff for the home that places like Urbn only dream of. Or carry in small quantities.

Aside from having a literal TON (and I mean PAGES upon PAGES) of original in-house designs, Blik has managed to work with some seriously wonderful artists and designers like Upper Playground, Keith Haring and Caia Koopman and even has a few Nintendo graphics available for those of us who grew up playing Mario Brothers on the original NES.

AND they’ve also got their hands on the Threadless side of the web thanks to a few artists who have submitted designs to both.

Interesting, modern and priced well enough that you can be a commitment-phobe. Enjoy.

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