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Posted on 11.09.2009


I’ve still got some slight residual damages left from the last relapse, and I was starting to get concerned that they were permanent.

I noticed 2 days ago that my walking was pretty back to normal, I felt a lot lighter walking up the stairs and down the street.

I’m so super excited to report that I made it back to Budo last night and class went really well, I made it all the way through! I had to train in a tank top rather than my gi and we had all of the windows open AND the fans on, and I had to drink a full liter of water… but I got through it!

Thanks to my dojo cho for keeping with the Tessen (Iron Fan) training, it was a really low-impact class that didn’t require a lot of rolling or being thrown. I DID get to work on my kamae and dropping my weight, which went pretty well.

This morning I am able to write pretty close to normally: my handwriting looks like my own and not a 4th-graders (well, not totally). Awesome!

AND! New this morning but I noticed a slight change last night in class: my outer three fingers on my right hand are back to normal! Only the index and thumb still feel a bit tingly. This is pretty crazy, because my first signs of the recent relapse were a burning/numb sensation in my thumb, index and middle finger on that hand. So I guess this one is going out the same way it came in? I’m going to have to make a note of that for future relapses, to check and track the progress and regression of symptoms closer.

We’ll see what happens when I try to climb on Saturday. here’s hoping for good news!

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