Gluten-free things that I am enjoying lately:)

Posted on 10.09.2009


Since each trip to Whole foods results in new things, here are more items that I am ok with so far…

Food for Life Rice Almond bread is WAY better than the Glutino Fiber bread that tasted and felt like Styrofoam. The downfall is that it has almonds, and I am supposed to be staying away from Legumes. The yummy taste is a small price to pay since I’ve had to ditch my Smart Balance Peanut Butter (sob!!!)

Trader Joe’s Black Licorice Scottie Dogs are super tasty and don’t contain anything bad for you…

Michele’s Granola has a flavor called Ginger Hemp that doesn’t sound like it would taste great, but it does… and this one ALSO has no legumes. Rock. Worth the $6-$8 you pay for a bag. And at 1/4 cup serving sizes this is more like a snack than breakfast, but will last you a while. Stop by and see her at the farmer’s market, and bring your own refillable container for $1 off.

And of course, Sushi FTW. I love that I am able to eat (organic and cruelty free) meat again, but the fact that sushi has remained the only constant through all of this is awesome. I love me some Chirashi!

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