and while I’m on a roll with the bitchiness…

Posted on 08.09.2009


I’d like to state how absolutely excited I am to move overseas.

Yes, because I get to be with the love of my life, and also because Germany is flippin’ sweet!

But also because I’m excited to drop all of the toxic friends. Yes, that just happened.

I’m planning on doing things differently this time around. No more ‘Gina tries to be everything for everyone’. No more always coming to you because you don’t want to come to me. No more putting up with people that act or treat me inappropriately.

I used to call people out on stuff. A lot. And I don’t know what happened, but I might lean towards the 6-year beat down of my self-esteem as the biggest culprit (but let’s try not to blame everything on the ex… I got a lot of good music out of him).

I think I just started taking a LOT of shit from people. I thought I was being the better person, the type of friend to people that I want them to be to me. It appears that I may have trained people to take me for granted.

Some of my best relationships exist mostly online. And that’s not because everyone it too far away, it’s because there is communication. I have some great friends that live nearby that I never get to see because our schedules don’t match. But we keep in touch, and we do it well. They email me to ask how I’m doing or to tell me a funny story, or just to give me an update away from FB. I do the same.

They don’t just call or email when they need something. Or to hear themselves talk (about themselves). Or to invite another body to a party. Or give me a hard time for not showing up somewhere or responding quickly without asking if I am ok first.

I’m excited because the great relationships will be awesome no matter where I am. I’m also excited that the toxic ones most likely will not want to pay international phone rates to complain to me.

I am done taking shit from people. I’ve got too much to do, not enough time to do it in, and a medical reason to not allow myself to get stressed out. Most of my time before the move is pretty much booked. I will NOT come to you in these next weeks because I am on a tight schedule and budget. So if we haven’t made plans, sorry. Make some.

If I don’t return your call there is a good reason. Always.

Thank you to my real friends. For calling, emailing, reading, caring. You know who you are.

Sorry for the bitch-fest today. It was a long and existential weekend.