Six degrees of CC!

Posted on 04.09.2009


This happened at the climbing gym last week and I feel compelled to write about it. It was pretty hysterical and reminded me of that scene from Wayne’s World 2 where everyone keeps walking into the frame and offering to help.

I’m at ET with René, Mike, Amanda and Neil when my new friends Josh and Nikki walk by. We get to chatting and Josh says how awesome it was to meet C to talk about his portfolio and what kind of work BHG does.

Then I say, ‘and can you believe how awesome it is that the guy has a TV show now? So cool’.
Josh says, ‘What? He has a TV show? What is it?’.
I can’t remember, so I yell across the bouldering section to Trevor (also a friend of C’s), ‘Hey Trevor! What is the name of that TV show that C is doing now?’.
So Trevor walks over and joins in on the conversation, ‘Oh it’s called TTA’.
And then we’re standing around talking about how great of a guy C is and how awesome it is that he is the host of this new, super interesting show.

Out of nowhere this guy walks up and says, ‘Hey, are you guys talking about CC?’
Guy: ‘I love that guy! I work with him at BHG!’.
Us: ‘Cool, we went to school with him’.

… and this is how we all came to meet Zack that night. The circle of C has just gotten a little closer:)

I wonder how often this type of scenario plays out between people that know me or any of my other friends. I love Smalltimore.

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