TMI warning: home waxing

Posted on 27.08.2009


This is purely to pass on information on a topic that most chicks don’t just sit around talking about. A few of my friends have asked for suggestions on waxing in the past and so this definitely needs to be passed on. I know I’ve written on this topic before but I am RAVING this time.

Holy Crap, Sally Hansen’s SMART WAX is fricking awesome. TOTALLY fricking awesome.

I was wary of it because it wasn’t sugar wax, which is what I usually buy. Sugar wax doesn’t stick to the skin and is water soluble so if you decide you can’t go through with it, it’s an easy wash off.

This stuff claims to be smart wax that won’t stick to the skin. And that claim was 100% correct. Before last night I would have never put the words ‘enjoyable’ ‘home’ and ‘waxing’ in the same sentence. And those of you that know me KNOW I hate getting it done at salons and generally do it myself. Last night was the easiest, most painless bikini wax I have ever had.

As a word of caution though: if you’ve never done it before, you may overheat the wax. It happens to all of us. You want it to be like taffy, not warm honey, when you apply. Apply in the direction the hair grows and pull off against in the opposite direction.

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