My art is cheap for you NOW

Posted on 27.08.2009



A lot of you have said you want to get some art from me before I blow this joint, so I decided last night as I was laying awake for hours in bed to give my friends, readers and supporters a special deal:

Anything of mine that you want is yours in a archival digital 8×10 print for $10. TEN DOLLARS. PER PRINT.

If you want a larger size we can discuss the prices separately. But for now, this is a great way for everyone to get whatever they want from me for dirt cheap. I don’t want to have to ship/print once I go overseas because the mailing will jack up the price.

So go to my flickr page:
choose what you want
email me

and I will get it to you ASAP!

Also, if you happen to want my drawings, they are up for sale too, but you’ll have to come to my place to see them since they are not posted online.

AND if I’ve ever posed for you and/or you gave me art, you get something for free:) Shoot me a message! Happy shopping!

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