Posted on 26.08.2009


I am actually happy for the recent relapses. They’ve helped me to buckle down and focus on only the important and necessary items in my life.

Nothing feels important when you’re on day 3 of Law and Order reruns and can’t walk further than the bathroom.

When I came back from Germany, I had a clear list of goals. 50,100 and 150 meter targets. And in the course of 3 weeks I managed to get bogged down in the details. Again. All of these little to-do’s on your daily lists. They get in the way of the bigger stuff that makes more of an impact.

I wanted to build 3 websites before October. I wanted to have everything settled. Finish all of my personal work. Now it seems that I am too close to the end target and that stuff might have to wait. It’s not important right now, and I am physically unable to handle website building or digital edits until my hand is back to perfect working order.

I wanted to train harder. Now I can’t do that, either.
But I CAN get everything else accomplished and save them for later. These are things that will get done when the time is right, I guess I just thought that that time was now.

The last two days at work have been great, because all I did was work. I got caught up in two days. My next project can’t be done until the first, so today I was able to do MY things, and that was awesome. There might be something to this funny ‘time management’ stuff after all.

So from now til then I am setting small goals for each day, and moving forward. No more thinking. Just doing.

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