In the market for pasties

Posted on 14.08.2009


I’m wearing an awesome new dress today, courtesy of Amanda. It’s one of those bra top dresses from Victoria’s Secret and I am not wearing a bra, obviously.

I have this problem. Well, it’s not a problem if you’re into seeing them, but I don’t think this falls under SFW: My headlights are ALWAYS on. ALWAYS. And I don’t have a problem with that, but once again, the work thing.

I was sitting in the bathroom (where most great ideas occur) and I thought to myself, ‘I should just buy pasties’. It’s summer, I have a lot of dresses and tops that require you to either go braless or wear one of those crazy ‘wraps-around-your-waist-3-times’ bras that don’t look too awesome under form-fitting clothes.

And because we are SO busy at work, I’m looking for them online. Surprisingly, I am getting more results for some kind of snack called ‘pasties’ than I am for stripper-wear. Thank god for the internet, making yet another day at work appear productive for me.

For normal run of the mill pasty websites this site seems to be ok: My only issue: where are the beige/nude ones? Granted, owning a pair of camo buddy Jesus pasties may rock in it’s own right, but I need something that might work under actual work clothes. My boyfriend lives across the ocean, I am not in the market to be impressing anyone with my fashionable pasty choices.

For awesome I’m-gonna-grow-up-to-be-Dita vonTeese-one-day pasties, there is this site: I’ll invest in these AFTER I get a few pairs that work for day time wear 😉

For the DIY-er in all of us, this site was pretty great: Joann ETC, here I come!

Because this is just awesome: Blogger ftw!

And finally, for the boring working girl like me: It only took me two pages of searching.

As a side note, what is up with all of the women modeling the pasties looking like ho’s? I know, there is a specific occupation that funds the pasty market, but I don’t want to buy my pasties from chicks that look skanky or hideous in them… you don’t need to turn a ho into a housewife, but some decent ladies would be nice. Just saying.

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