Bagel Friday Sadness

Posted on 14.08.2009


Today is actually Bagel Payday, not just Bagel Friday. Bagel payday happens every other week 🙂

Since going for the gluten/dairy/egg/legume-free option, Bagel Friday is not so awesome. Now instead of enjoying my favorite Asiago Cheese bagel from Panera every week, I enjoy a somewhat gross, only-made-better-with-honey-as-the-topping gluten free substitute. Because of this and the new eating regimen, I’m thinking that I should drop out of the rotation.

Bagel Friday is an ingenious plan that came from my last job. In fact, that might have been the best part of my last job. The way it works is that every week, someone from the ‘team’ buys everyone bagels. Or donuts. Or whatever. You can get creative with it. So if there are 15 people in your office, you buy everyone breakfast once every 15 weeks, and everyone takes a turn. You take time out on Friday morning to sit around together and eat and talk/catch up/discuss your weekend plans etc. It’s a nice way to bring the group together for something other than a meeting.

Today is my day to buy. And while I don’t mind spending $20 on fruit for the office (I am not going to subject them to my $8 bag of yucky bagel substitutes), I also don’t expect that in the coming weeks anyone will go out of their way to buy me a gluten/dairy/egg/legume-free option. It would be really selfish of me to expect that.

Case in point: last week my coworker (who is aware of my dietary limitations) brought in bagels and a quiche. I love quiche but shouldn’t eat it. So why should I buy everyone a breakfast that they may not even be happy with (fruit is not as filling as a bagel and cream cheese), when for the next 7 weeks I will only be eating my replacement bagels?

It just doesn’t seem right. I think today I will announce that I am dropping out of the rotation.

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