Gluten free things that are yummy so far…

Posted on 11.08.2009


I figure I should post these so I don’t forget and maybe you can try them too:)

Just about anything by Glutino has made me pretty happy so far, specifically the Apple Cinnamon cereal and the banana and chocolate breakfast bars.

Good life has some yummy soft-baked ginger cookies
Rice Dream’s ice cream hasn’t failed me yet

Hemp Bliss hemp milk tastes WAY better than the rice and almond milk options.

Bumble Bar energy bars are surprisingly good, especially the hazelnut flavor that I have at work with me today.

I’m still getting used to the taste/consistency of the bread products and cannot claim to be happy with the glutino fiber bread of the good life bagels. Ug. Shoot me now. Or feed me styrofoam and wet cardboard. I’m going to try baking my own bread next.

I have found, however, that since dairy is out (and by default that means all cream cheese), honey on said non-awesome bagels has really helped.

Since I’m not actually vegan, I can do things like honey. And meat. Thank goodness.

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