Yeah, it’s kind of like that…

Posted on 10.08.2009


I thought it was only with children and weddings. I didn’t realize it happens when you move out of the country as well.

You know who they are. You’ve probably been there. You announce that you are married, or having a baby, or running off to Europe to live in sin with your boyfriend and suddenly EVERYONE is a damn expert.

‘We had the BEST catering company, you should use them!’
‘We read that there is only one special type of Lamaze you should do, and we did it here!’
‘My cousin’s girlfriend’s sister moved to Spain and she got a job with…!’

Really? REALLY?
I’d like to consider myself an expert on weddings, or at least a well-practiced attendee: 9 weddings last year that I had to be in/attend, and 4 that I shot… I think I know a decent catering company, photographer, venue when I see one. But I am not planning a wedding. I have a pretty good idea though of how it will go down, after all of the previous experiences…

I AM planning a move to Germany. And I have a hard time believing that people on this side of the Atlantic have that much useful advice to give me, unless it is of the MOVING kind and not of the EUROPE kind. I don’t think I know more than anyone else, I just highly doubt the opinion/advice of someone who has never even bothered to travel off of the east coast.

Does that make me a bitch? It shouldn’t.

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