Kyle Van Horn. HIIIIII KYLE!

Posted on 07.08.2009


Rushing Falls, Polaroid


This is a great day, because I get to write about artists I really, really LIKE. And know. Kind of. I thoroughly enjoy propping my friends.

Without getting into too much detail, I’ve known Kyle since we were both wee little college freshmen living in the commons. And I think this is important to note because that means I’ve officially known him for 10 years, and I have NEVER seen any of this work and I never really knew what he planned to do with his art degree. It’s also important because he’s come so far since then and now not only has this great body of work but also a printing business AND a sweet day job (I think so, at least), that it would be hard to relate how proud I am of him without mentioning all of that other stuff first.

So let’s get down to brass tacks. First, it needs to be stated that I am pretty sure Kyle is a printer first and a photographer second. But I want to talk about the photos first. Remember that time I wrote about the Mapplethorpe show I saw and how mostly unimpressed I was with his Polaroids? No? go HERE. Well, Kyle’s work really isn’t like the Mapplethorpe show, but I mention it because Kyle’s shots are actually really interesting, and I think that if he WERE to shoot more portraits, or just photos of people (yes there is a difference), then his would be better. Because right now Kyle’s got a lot more scenes and landscapes. Mapplethorpe shot mostly people. And portraits.

I’m digressing. Kyle’s a printer and has some great examples of his work on the site. The business cards section appears to have the most entries, and I have to say I like them all. I’m also a HUGE fan of how his website is designed.

I guess you could say I am a huge fan of Kyle’s.

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