Sungmi Lee

Posted on 05.08.2009


Just. Wow. I’m a real sucker for texture. I love her work.

In her artist statement she talks about her memories, conflicting identities and her family. At the risk of praising too much too quickly, her work is transcendental. As I am sure it is/was intended.

Absolute favorites: Untitled #300 in sculpture and just about everything from the drawing section (Detail of Diary of Fall 05) pictured above. I have a feeling that you could sit in a room full of her work and just exist in a meditative state, much like you would in a room full of Rothko’s (thanks to the Phillips Collection for making THAT dream a reality).

Some of the pieces are a little smaller than I expected them to be, but they are gorgeous and I have a feeling that if they WERE to be any larger, they might lose that quiet, contemplative beauty that was harnessed so well.

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