Danielle Yurchikonis: Regain/Regrowth

Posted on 05.08.2009


I had the pleasure of viewing this show while it was up at the school, but am just getting around to posting about it now. Sorry, been busy with planning for a big change. I wanted to post about her work then (around June) but am glad that I’ve waited for a while.

When you go to her site, you’re going to be hit in the face with some recent illustrations that are super hysterical and I thoroughly enjoy the ‘Pen Pals’ idea that she’s come up with. I might even send something in.

Hey Danielle, if you read this, I’d love to see your perspective on a metal bird flying above the clouds and straight towards the sunset.

We can dream, right? 🙂
Anyway. I really enjoyed the show (on page 2 right about now) Regain/Regrowth but there was something about it that bothered me. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I seriously considered (for a few minutes) NOT writing about her here. Then I went to her website and found my answer. It was only in viewing the website that I knew the question: ‘Where’s everything else?’. I felt like there was so much more to be seen, but that the show had been edited.

And maybe the show itself wasn’t heavily edited, but the other work that is available for your viewing pleasure at the blog link above is definitely what was missing. I wanted MORE. And the site had it.

Of particular interest are the portraits. There is something about her work, especially these and the travel photos… You feel like you are THERE. That’s hard to accomplish, I think, with photography. Usually when I am viewing photos of landscapes, I feel as if I am doing so in the third person. Like I’m not really there. But in Danielle’s work, you feel almost transported. Like you were standing right next to her when she took the photo.

That’s not to suggest that these photos are ordinary or that anyone could have taken them, that is not the case at all. There’s just something about them, something that you get from looking at them that makes you feel like you’re experiencing the feelings she had when taking them, too.

At least, that’s how it was for me. And maybe it’s because I shoot from a similar perspective, or maybe it’s because I find her work to be something to aspire to. Either way, you should check her work out.

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