c/o Alicia: At your age today, are you exactly where you thought you would be at this time in your life?

Posted on 04.08.2009


Alicia posed this question online today and I answered yes and no to it.

Before I get into why, I’d like to reference ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, in a scene near the end when Frances is talking to Martini and she is saying that this is not what she wanted, and Martini goes on to tell her that it is what she wanted, just not how she imagined it to be. Sorry if you haven’t seen it, go do that and then come back.

I had this list that had been growing since high school. It started after my trip to Germany when I was 16. Living in Germany was first on the list. I didn’t know how or when, just that I was going to. Later on came other things, like ‘becoming an artist’, selling my work, having a good job with benefits and tuition remission, working for a college (yes this was a goal: so my kids could get free college, look at me thinking ahead), teaching at the college level, not having to struggle like my parents, own my own business, live with a guy for at least 2 years before deciding to get married, and to be self-sufficient.

Done, done, done and done.
~ You don’t become an artist, you are one. So that was easy šŸ™‚

~ Selling my work. I’d like to thank everyone that has ever bought any of my work, you guys contributed to the fulfilling of a goal. And I have sold a LOT of it. Just not in the NYC gallery way I had imagined, but I like this, too:)

~ Good job with benefits/working at a college: the tuition remission is questionable, but it helped me to take some free classes and I think I’ll have a good foundation in the art college world after all of this. And for the 7 MRI’s I had in 2006, I paid $0. GREAT benefits. Plus, my 403(b) continues to beat up yours. Not bragging, just saying.

~ I taught two semesters of an Intro to Digital Art course to high- and middle-school teachers. I think that counts as college level, especially since they earned credit. I was teaching a MSDE accredited course. That works.

~ because of all of this, I don’t struggle the way my parents did. They taught me to be resourceful and while there were a few hungry rough patches in college, I’ve been fine ever since.

~ own my own business: it’s not technically a business, but Steph and I do get paid to photograph weddings and I DO do all of that free/near-free design, so yes, this counts.

~ lived with a guy for 4 years and decided NOT to marry him, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

~ and yes, I am self-sufficient. Ends are met, I’ve got some left over, and I’m happy. And I move to Germany soon.

So now it’s time to set some new goals. I’ve got a few:
~ Learn Japanese, maybe live in Japan
~ Master’s degree
~ Teach Art Theory/Modern Art History at the college level
~ Visit as many Christo, Oldenberg, and Goldsworthy pieces as possible
~ Visit Rothko’s grave
~ be happy

I think they are good. We’ll see if I can get through those in another 10 years.

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