My problem(s) with Victoria’s Secret

Posted on 28.07.2009


There are a few.

First, they waste a TON of paper sending me every-other-daily catalogs. They are NOT an environmentally conscious company.

Second, they don’t keep the same prices between sale catalogs. And those prices are not always reflected on the website unless you search the proper catalog item number.

Third, they don’t follow trend. There is a fleece hoodie that has been in the sale section since I was old enough to start viewing the VS catalogs. While this may be considered a ‘timeless’ piece by some, I highly doubt it.

Four. The clothing is generally made from fabric that deteriorates after a few washes. Example: the entire silk and cashmere collection: it falls apart and looks like total shit after just one wash, even when you’ve followed the washing instructions religiously. Planned obsolescence at it’s best.

Five. Now I’m on a roll…You can’t try on any of the actual clothing in most stores, save for the nightgowns that have always been there and the recently added Pink and fitness gear.

Six. THE PINK COLLECTION. Don’t even get this designer started on the ramifications of marketing an entire line of mismatched crap to ‘college students’. It’s only 12-year-olds that can really get away with wearing that crap, not the “I’ve got my gigantic coach bag, Uggs and the cheapest piece of Tiffany
Jewelry available” girls that wear it as their uniform. And trust me, they do. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to visit Towson, MD. I believe this may be considered their headquarters.

Seven. The catalogs are not helpful or conducive to promoting a positive body image. For anyone. I’m 27 and know better, but can still get caught up and brought down in the self-loathing that comes after viewing a catalog if it happens to be a particularly bad night.

Eight, my entire reason for this post: the underwear is nothing special. I’ve actually found cuter stuff at Target. And as of tonight, I am making it my mission to actually find better versions of the items I find interesting in the VS catalogs in local stores. And actually TRY THEM ON before buying.

Mark my words. There may even be photos as backup.
Thanks for reading:)

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