Posted on 23.07.2009


The father of one of my students also has MS. He has been having great success with a plan that has helped erase part/all of his symptoms. My symptoms aren’t so bad, but I’d prefer to be meds free for as long as possible.

So the father (Scott) and I talk sometimes about MS treatments, and he sent me the thesis paper and web site of the guy who designed the program he is currently working with.

That website is http://www.direct-ms.org/

The treatments he is prescribing are quite similar to other suggested treatments I have heard of lately. There is only one problem. Well, not a problem. A roadblock: the dietary ‘suggestions’.

Here they are:
~ Eliminate foods that contain proteins which have the potential to cause autoimmune reactions. These are:
~ All dairy products (e.g. milk, cheese, yogurt)
~ Foods containing gluten grains (e.g. wheat, rye or barley)
~ Legumes (e.g. beans, soy, peanuts. peas)

Ouch. Just ouch. I’ve been on the organic/cruelty free/natural diet for a while now, and this prescription will in summary eliminate everything I have in my house right now. This will definitely be a gradual change. There’s no way I can do all of this immediately, because it elimiates everything I love eating.

First I need to look into gluten-free breads. I’m ok on the lactose-free and rice milk options. I love soy. and beans. Jesus.

On the plus side, here is what he says MSers should INCREASE their intake of:
~ Skinless chicken breast, game meat and fish for protein content. Fish such as salmon and mackerel also contain omega 3 polyunsaturated fat, which is very beneficial.
~ Eat lots of vegetables and fruits for carbohydrates and fiber.
~ Take a variety of supplements to bolster immune regulation, to increase anti-oxidant capacity and to avoid deficiencies. The recommended supplements are listed on the supplement page.

I have a feeling that this blog may turn into ‘the Trials and Tribulations’ of taking on an MS diet. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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