New drawings

Posted on 16.07.2009


I’m working on a new series of drawings, even though I guess a better way to put that would be to say that I am finally drawing again and I have this issue where nowadays I really only work in series, even though sometimes a few oddballs slip by.

A good example of that would happen to be the drawing above. I started the series thinking I would only draw night images. And while this is definitely just after sunset, it’s not night. Therefore, it and it’s lighter sibling were added to the series because the subject matter, size and medium are all the same: approx 5″x7″, pastel on prepped mat board, landscapes.

I think this may be my favorite so far. I have to say, and I say it often on my art blog, that the online images don’t look nearly as good as the drawings do in person. So if you are ever over my house, please ask to see them if I haven’t already shoved them in your face.

Here’s a link to the whole set.

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