Posted on 14.07.2009


sm0480, ma 2010 0343 sem eligible, 1st yr never attended, ap/ib scores.
sm0480, ma 2010 0346 sem eligible, 1st yr never attended, ap/ib scores.
rinse, wash, repeat.

This is my 9-5. I’m in the middle of adding eligibility for the ACG grant. It is mind-numbing, slow going and I am always concerned that I messed up or forgot someone, so I have a paper trail a mile long with changes highlighted. Currently on list 3. Last year I got up to 20 because of the fed’s changes to eligibility. It would be nice for them to make up their minds. It’s been dropped to the states for now, I hope it stays that way. Please, states, don’t change your eligibility requirements every year. Please also make sure all of your students take the classes you require. It is odd that they wouldn’t and still manage to graduate. wtf.

I’m many things and in the middle of a lot. I’m currently working on transitioning away from myspace and facebook and just posting my blogs here. I’ve got a few reservations about that, but it seems that if anyone really needed to find me, they could pay to do it. Not that I am charging, but I hear that PI’s do and that they are not cheap.

The people I am concerned about finding me don’t deserve to be mentioned. But they will. And by the time they do, I’ll be out of the country. Suck on that one, assholes.

So for now there will be some copying and pasting between sites until I get weaned off of one or the other or both. I’ve got a lot to write, a lot to talk about and right now I’ve got a lot to do.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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