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Posted on 14.07.2009


#+1, b, 912345676900, yes, 750, validate.
Did it change anything? Did any numbers change? am I good? maybe I should hit reset just to make sure. nothing changed. dammit. #+1, b, 912345676900, yes, 750, validate. POST.

Did you ever have that sense that something around you smelled, but you couldn’t find the source of the smell? Kristi told me about this happening to her when she was a kid. Glad it’s not just me. That’s been happening a lot lately. Something that I am wearing smells like mildew, which means it smells like the basement. I line-dry my clothes to keep them in better shape for longer, thanks for that. great. it’s not the scarf.

Yes, it is 80 degrees today and I am wearing a scarf. Look at this fucking hi– don’t even say it. I am not. The scarf was a present from Gaby and it definitely adds color to this ensemble. Disregard my pigtails, they mean nothing. And they look effing awesome doing it.

I’ve also got this problem at home, in my room, especially NOW because Cibo has decided he needs to pee on everything. Now there is a phantom shit smell coming from SOMEWHERE in my room and I am hoping that it’s just that I need to change the litter. Hint, that is NEVER the case.

Kristi is thinking of borrowing her mom’s steam cleaner. YES PLEASE!!!

I’ve got a lot to do that needs to happen, yesterday. I need a new passport photo. I need to find out if one requests to take a personal day, or just calls out and says ‘I am using a personal day’. Yes. soon. I need to talk to my insurance about insurance on trips out of the country. I need to plan a date for this effing yard-art-sale.

Maybe I should post the art I want to get rid of here. Maybe I should make an album on flickr that people can access. Yes, glad to have thought of that. Now to just find a decent digital camera…

I’m thinking of having a before-the-yard/art (yart?)-sale sale that is open to only my friends and people that were invited, to give them a fair and better chance, since they are my friends. And because my friends are awesome. Better than most people’s friends, as I’ve come to notice.

René said it best, and I’ve come to agree with him: you can tell a lot about a person by their friends. I’ve found this to be very very true, and am very happy to say that he already thought I was awesome, then he met my amazing friends and it has apparently been settled. Lucky, lucky me ❤

After all of the weddings I have been to and photographed, I’ve noticed that you can learn a lot about someone based on their bridesmaids and ushers/groomsmen. Yeah, there is always going to be a slutty bridesmaid or a dirty whore of a groomsman, but aside from that, you can tell. Are they all really happy for the guy? Are the bridesmaids acting like it’s their effing prom rather than a wedding where they kind of have a job to do and their opinion really doesn’t matter? well, there’s your sign.

I’ve shot a few weddings where it was clear that the bride had no friends. I’ve also shot a few weddings where I wanted to BE friends with the couple, based solely on the fact that their bridal party was super cool and fun and, well, generally fucking awesome.

p.s. you lose points if you hit on the photographer(s). We’re generally taken and not interested in what you look like on the one day of the year you were convinced to wear a tux.

Just saying.

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