Greetings from Switzerland!

Posted on 10.06.2009


That’s right, I’ve taken this show on the road! I’m on a 2-week vacation with my amazing boyfriend that includes tons of make-up time, ass-kicking and art viewing. We’re in SW (CH) for the next few days with some photos to come soon. 

Today we hit the KunstHaus in Zurich and were not disappointed. In one back corner of the modern wing we had Rothko, Giacometti, Warhol and Twombly all in our line of site… not to mention a Newman that made me take a photo for Jeanan. WOW.
AND, there are plans to see not one or two but THREE Oldenberg pieces once we are back to Bavaria next week. YES PLEASE!!
I’ve been here 4 days and have already done so much talking about art and art-related topics. BEST. VACA. EVAR. (except for that time when I met my boyfriend last year. That one will always be #1).
Ciao for now, loads of writing to come soon.
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