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Posted on 27.05.2009


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I’m not sure what to say about Stephen’s work, except that I love it.

I saw it first in a show at Gallery 4 a few years ago, and then again accidentally on Facebook courtesy of a friend who deals with that space.

I was really blown away by his earlier series, Interiors (2006). I wasn’t sure anything I saw from him after that could top it. I was wrong. Underneath (2007-08) has done it for me.

But I think it’s of interest to note that it appears Interiors was a very logical progression from an earlier series called Inside Out Objects (2005-06). And the latter was the much more successful of the two. Where Inside Out Objects started as a kind of study of known objects, Interiors is absolutely light years beyond this, in a place where you are not only looking at specific objects, but they are transformed into much more.

Interiors tests your psyche. Initially the images look like landscapes and scenes from POV games. As you delve further, they become emotionally challenging. There is an overbearing sense of solitude in all of these pieces that is pressed as we get into Underneath Series.

Underneath takes you out of spaces, and into space. If you felt alone viewing Interiors, brace yourself. Underneath does something far greater. It instills hope where there appears to be none. It’s a very ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ kind of thought process that goes on, and of course a lot of that has to do with the fact that there needs to be SOME light source for these images. So in a very superficial statement, I’m sure that was part of the idea. I highly doubt though, that it WAS the idea.

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