Igor Amelkovitch

Posted on 27.05.2009


web site.

… is doing it better than the last time I talked about erotic photography.

Granted, we can still tell that the photographer is male (and not by reading his name), but he has a body of work that shows he didn’t just get his girlfriend drunk and take some risque shots. He means it.

On the other hand, erotic photography is kind of a separate beast, and in this vein of work the lines between what the subject is and why the buyer wants to own the work become blurred. I’m going to spend my time talking about the more artistic aspects and just ignore the elephant over there in the corner.

I came across Igor’s work accidentally. One of the first shoots I was commissioned to do way back at the turn of the century (wow that was awesome to write) was of a coworker. She brought me some images that she had found online. One of them was Igor’s. We emulated it for a few shots. And I love his original. No, I’m not going to tell you which one it is. Anyone who really feels the need to do the research will find it quite easily.

Anyway. I then saw his work again in one of those awesome Erotic Art books that you find by having too much time on your hands in the Barnes and Noble. It was small, it featured many artists, but I recognized his work from the print that my client had brought me. So I got to see some more of his work that way. I think he might have made it into two separate books, because I recognize a LOT of his work.

THEN. Yes, there is another ‘then’. It’s coming with a TMI admission: I am an avid reader of bastard life dot com, who fancies his work and uses it often. It was from this source that I finally decided to check out Igor’s work online.

And what a large amount of it he has.
Some of the series have a lot of similar images and some of them don’t need to be series; but from the other side this might just be an easy way for him to arrange and store similar images for consumption, since it appears that a LOT of his work is available online (at pretty reasonable prices, btw).

He doesn’t spend too much time on bondage, as you might have thought based on the writing I am comparing him to. He is much more interested in the form rather than $2.99’s worth of rope’s function. There are some images that include hooks, blindfolds, etc.. but as I said, it’s definitely more about the form. Which is greatly appreciated.

I’m not really a fan of words like ‘tempting’, which he uses to describe his work. But ok, we’ll go with that. For now. Enjoy.

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