Nikki Chambers ftw

Posted on 20.05.2009


Web site.

Nikki Chambers has managed to make a cemetery look like somewhere you would want to spend some time. She has made Hawaii and Maryland look like something other than tourist attractions (thank you!). And more recently, she made some contemplative abstract works using ink and duralar.

This reminds me of the stuff that I did in high school art class when I had leftover ink or acrylic paint on my palette and all I could do was leave it to dry because it looked really cool. Except this is far better than that. More. This is a fully realized series that has turned abstract drippings into landscapes.

You stand in front of these and can’t choose a favorite. You see water, fire, fear. relief… it goes on and on.

And the best part is the texture. It’s there, and it’s great, and something you don’t see in the online gallery is that fact that it catches reflections from certain angles, because of the topography of the finished pieces. Which just adds to the emotion that spews from them.

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