Christopher Simpson did it right

Posted on 19.05.2009


I have a lot to say about Christopher Simpson.

He is really nice. I was lucky enough to get to stand around and talk to him before the droves of people came through. He gave me some cool stuff, like his business card and a flyer with the image to the left on it, and also a small folded piece of paper that contained two rather small original prints. I think I will frame them. He’s also printed a book of his work.

He’s got a great eye. He composes well. I like the format and way of working.

I looked him up a while back when I came across his Industry Personified series. I have to say, it might be my least favorite of all of his work. But then again, I even like that series. So, nothing bad there:)

My favorite of his groupings is definitely Dundalk-Suburban Typologies. The main reason for that is the subject matter. Any of you that have actually clicked on links to MY work will see a similar grouping called Without Industry, that is about the leftovers from Industrialization in Eastern Baltimore. I kind of like his series better than my own. His is more realized. And I like that.

Too many people (‘photographers’ or ‘artists’, if you will) think all you need to make a good photo is a camera and maybe some Photoshop skills. They don’t take into account lighting, framing, what may or may not be going on in the background, etc… all of these small and very basic things that should be common sense for anyone holding a camera. Chris has bypassed all of the problems that (could) have come from shooting this type of image. The lighting. The background. The subject itself. He’s managed to do that and STILL capture the comic, tragic beauty of Dundalk.

As I said earlier, I’m a fan of his composition. Especially in the more minimal images. There is something to be said for an older, industrial landscape that has withstood time and the elements. He captures it well and makes beauty where most would see only chaos and a junky kind of atmosphere.

Kudos to you, Mr. Simpson:)

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