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Posted on 14.05.2009


Jaime Martinez
Artist Site

Posting just one photo won’t do him any justice. Go see the entire site. Please.

I don’t have a lot of time to write, and I haven’t done my research on him yet… and I am super back logged with kickass artists to write about, but I had to post him NOW because he needs to be seen. Thanks to Mr. C. Devin for posting about him.

So, I have questions. I’m a huge fan of digital art and the series that the photo to the left is a part of just made me wet my pants, because it is so simple, well done, everything. My question is this: I was looking at his CV just to see what he’s been up to, where he is from, where he went to school, etc… And I noticed that his work kind of started around 2003. Well, by started, I mean that he got a degree for photo around then and the work on his site only goes back to 2003. Awesome, btw, because that’s when I graduated too!!! Although I’m pretty sure we’re not the same age.

To the question(s):
Does he work for American Apparel/Urban Outfitters?
If not, why not?
If so, when did that start?

And did his photo work take on that aesthetic because he might be a huge fan of popular culture, which exposed him to that work, which made him want to get into photo, or was all of this just a happy coincidence like that time when photo was created on two separate continents simultaneously?

I know. The last question sounds so condescending. I don’t mean for it to be. All I mean by it is that while I was looking at his work, my thought was that it looked very ‘Urban Outfitters’ (I have to admit to enjoying some of their housewares. I’m not a huge fan of the hipster look and I think too many of their models look malnourished. /tangent). Then my office-mate (who is a really awesome guy) came over and asked the same thing.

So based on the fact that two very separate people said and thought the same thing, I have to ask the hard and possibly offensive question. I mean no offense. His work is gorgeous. Guy has already had work in magazines like Rolling Stone and Intro. I’m surprised he hasn’t been featured by more. Give him time!!

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