Seen at the National Gallery: Goldsworthy, Calder, Rothko, Lewitt, Reinhardt…

Posted on 27.01.2009


Day 3 of my trip to DC included a trip to the National Gallery’s east building. I’ve been meaning to get out to this one for a while, but after I realized there was a Goldsworthy installation, it had to be done. Who knows when I will get to DC next?, I thought to myself (the answer was January 2009)

Roof, Andy Goldsworthy Site
Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to stand on them, or even to go out and stand amongst them. .:sigh:. It’s ok, because I got to see my first Andy piece in person!

I don’t have one photo that can accurately portray just how large this thing is. But seriously, it’s huge. And lovely. And awe-inspiring when you are standing below it, looking up with your jaw on the floor. Site

The National has a nice collection of the Cut-Outs: Site

Wall Drawing #65, Sol Lewitt
“Lines not short, not straight, crossing and touching, drawn at random using four colors, uniformly dispersed with maximum density, covering the entire surface of the wall”

(Gina’s first time seeing a Sol in person!!!)

Heaven =A room full of Rothko
(Gina seen here art-jumping)

Ad Reinhardt, Untitled (Red and Gray)
(Gina seen here art-jumping. Again.)

Overall, a wildly successful trip to the National.

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