Mapplethorpe: Polaroids at the Block Museum, IL

Posted on 27.01.2009


Patti Smith, 1972

I saw this collection when I was in NYC… at the Whitney? I think.

Quite honestly, this showing is a great example of why you should take budding artists and art students seriously. Seriously enough, I mean.

These are nothing phenomenal. They are polaroid photographs that toe the line between ok and great composition, and make hints of what his work would become in later years as his experience behind the camera grew.

I’m not criticizing the show, because it’s well-done and I like the photos. I’m just saying that if these had been on display BEFORE he was THE Robert Mapplethorpe, they might not be so seriously and easily considered ‘art’.

If you are a fan of his work, or a fan of photography, or polaroids… this show is a must-see.

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