Long Hiatus

Posted on 27.01.2009


Here I am! Happy 2009!

I’m back (I think), after a long break. No excuses, I was just busy and distracted. And I’ve got a lot of art to write about.

Remember when I went to DC in November? That’s where I am picking up. I’ve got a pile of artists and postcards and notes here and am going to tear through them.

Updates on my personal status, since you know next-to-nothing about me:
~ That might change soon. Little do some of you know, the reason I prefer to be mostly-anonymous is because about a year ago some guy decided to get crazy on me and became an all-out stalker. It was not awesome. There was no jumping for joy. Just a phone number change, privatizing everything I had online and the removal of all things containing my last name.

But alas, I am either getting more confident or just forgetting how crazy he was. Look for some personal info to arise from me soon.

~ I had a great holiday season and fell in love:)

~ I’m still at my current job

~ I’m teaching round two of Digital Art to high school teachers

~ …and I’ve been looking at a TON of art. So without further ado…

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