Get thyself to the MICA Art Market: do it NOW

Posted on 10.12.2008


I know, I have been meaning to finish writing about all of the effing PHENOMENAL stuff I saw in November. I’ve been really busy, lots going on. It isn’t art related though, so sorry: you won’t be reading about it here.

MICA’s annual Art Market is going on right now, and all I can say is ‘holy fucking shit, go there and see it’. The work and set up this year puts the past few years to shame. There’s more work from some amazing artists who showed last year, and a lot of newcomers who are bringing a LOT to the table.

The prices have gone up slightly, which I am going to guess is because of the huge success of this event last year, but not to worry: there was a ton of affordable and good-looking art for under $100.

Don’t take my word for it, take my checkbook’s.

I promise to be back on the writing wagon soon.

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