Hirschhorn After Hours event: Friday Nov 7, 2008

Posted on 12.11.2008


I went to the final Hirschhorn After Hours event of 2008 on Friday night. It was a good time, although I wish I would have been to more of them before this. While I’m not a huge fan of the permanent collection that was on display, there were a few great pieces that I was happy to see: the two Rothko’s that were out, a Doug Wheeler, Robert Irwin, Larry Bell, some small Calder’s, and Roman Opalka (lovely), to name a few.

I’m writing about this not so much to review the evening, which was fun, but more so to tell my readers that if you happen to live in the general vicinity of a museum/gallery and enjoy going out at night with a decent crowd, seeing some great art unveiled and possibly hearing some good music, get thee to events like this one. There is usually a show/new acquisition being introduced, and it’s so nice to walk through a museum after hours with other arts-minded people and get to really see and discuss the work. I honestly despise going to see collections on the weekends at larger places, because I have a problem with parents that can’t keep their kids on a tight leash and field trips.

But that’s just me:)

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