Juan Francisco Casas

Posted on 21.10.2008


(Suggested by Aileen, thanks!)

This guy draws these huge portraits (and some smaller ones) using Bic pens. Seriously.

He’s got this ‘life of a rock star’ aesthetic… there are a lot of portraits of women, a lot of breasts and a few ‘o’ faces. Which is fine, it’s just an observation of mine. I think I like the ‘Barely There‘ series more than the work that is predominant on his site, but that might just be because I am a fan of the white space.

The paintings he makes are full color. They follow the same subject matter. It looks like he has a lot of fun, and a lot of fun friends. I like the idea of blatantly working from snapshots, it gives the term ‘photorealism’ a very 21st century spin.

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