Show to see: Mu Project: Surface/Tension

Posted on 20.10.2008


(7 Untitled, Gi_ok Jeon)

At the request of a friend, I went to have a look at Mu Project’s site to discuss Gi-Ok Jeon’s work for a potential buyer.

The show this work is in is called ‘Surface/Tension‘. I am actually planning now to go to the MU Project gallery while I am in DC the weekend before this show closes.. I want to see them in person.

At first I couldn’t figure out what I found odd about Jeon’s work, but it turns out that I thought the circles in marker felt a bit juvenile. That idea made the piece feel almost irrelevant, but now that I have read they are actually string, thread and have been sewn into the work; that is MUCH more interesting and I think it brings a lot of depth to an otherwise flat series of images.

The image that my friend sent (above) is definitely my favorite of Gi-Ok’s, most of the others don’t have the serenity that comes through in this one. And the colors work well together (the white/grey from the paper and ink). I say yes, this is awesome. Definitely not something you see every day. The artist mentions using the thread as a medium to connect with others. I really like that concept. Very classical idea used in a very contemporary way.

All I could find on Julie Wolfe, whose work I really REALLY want to see, was her artist bio in PDF format.

I can’t wait to see these in person:)

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