Quick plugs of some favorites :)

Posted on 09.10.2008


I’ve been looking at these guys a lot lately. I love them. Have for a while. I love that Wikipedia has a page for everything. I’m not reviewing these, just sharing the love:)

Ron Mueck wiki
If you EVER have a chance to experience his work, do. The large scale is full of the details we often overlook. There is also something quietly intimidating about encountering these in a generally large and mostly empty room. I know it’s human nature to be intimidated by larger objects, but this is different.

Wolfgang Tillmans
Article by Jeff Hammond

I’m sad that I haven’t gotten to see any of his work in person yet. There’s a lot of questioning over whether he is actually a great artist, or just an ‘arrogant amateur’. I am at this point admiring, considering and formulating my opinions from afar.

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